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Sydney World Pride 2023

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

A huge thanks to Inner West Roller Derby League and Sydney Roller Derby League for two amazing Pride bouts. All NRDL skaters, benchies, refs, NSO’s and those of us in the crowd had the most amazing time. The vibes were on point from the atmosphere, the positivity and the fabulous display of derby. It takes a lot of work to make bouts like this happen and we appreciate everything that went on behind the scenes to create two schmick derby events.

Thanks for having us, see you all on the track again soon.

NRDL skaters: Alli-Tude, Thunder, Hollie Funk, Marilyn Tantrum, GODJILLA Sold Separately, Valfreya, Gnarly Quinn, Bi-Furious, Kali Entay, Moxie Monoxide, FannieTastic, DomistiKT, Cinders and Hayle Damage.

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