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Referees & Non-Skating Officials (NSOs)


Kahibah Public School

Tuesday 23 May 2023 at 7.30pm

Be an important part of the roller derby action from the safety of the sidelines

Team Zebra is a valuable asset to any derby league. These men and women commit many exciting hours learning the intricate rules to this sport and skating skills. Even though they don’t partake in any contact they are still required to train and learn with our bouting skaters. All referees join our Freshmeat program to learn the basics. After they have completed level one they advance to referee training with our Head Ref.

Requirements to Become a Skating Referee
  • You must be 18 years or older (special consideration on application)

  • Can be Male or Female

  • You must skate on quads

  • You must attend the minimum of 6 sessions per month

  • You are responsible for acquiring and maintaining your own gear

    • Skates

    • Helmet

    • Knee pads

    • Elbow pads

    • Wrist guards

    • Mouthguard

  • You must be prepared to fall a lot, take hits without taking it personally and put in 110%

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Need gear?

Our sponsor, Roller Derby Heaven can help with all your derby needs.

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