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Bout Seating


  • All children must be accompanied & supervised by an adult at all times.

  • Seating is usually limited so please bring a cushion, blanket or a camping chair to ensure your comfort.

  • Entry for bouts is via Brown Road only.

Something we are often asked about here at NRDL is how seating works at a game. Are chairs provided? Do I need to bring my own? What is trackside seating? etc. This will hopefully answer those questions, and also explain why we set things out the way we do. Please note, this diagram is a guide only and is not to scale.







A roller derby track is a big oval shape. The international roller derby governing body WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby Association) has very specific guidelines on what size the track needs to be, so we must measure very carefully when we lay it out. We also have to have clearly designated spaces for team benches, the penalty box, our referees and NSO’s (non-skating officials). All of these are contained within the PURPLE ZONE.


Trackside (floor) seating, the RED ZONE, is located on the floor just 10 feet from the action. It’s the most exciting place to be, but be seated AT YOUR OWN RISK! From here you will see every move, feel every hit, and if you’re really lucky, you might even end up with a skater in your lap! Trackside seating is very popular and is first in, best dressed, so make sure you arrive early to reserve your spot. We recommend that you bring a blanket or cushion to sit on as the floor is very hard. FOR SAFETY REASONS, CHILDREN UNDER 16 ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE RED ZONE, AND WILL BE ASKED TO MOVE BACK.

The next designated area, the YELLOW ZONE, is where chairs are located. We are able to provide a limited number of chairs and again, it’s first in, best dressed, so many supporters will often bring their own camp or deck chairs to set up in this area in addition to what is provided. We ask that all supporters be considerate of each other when reserving space to sit, so that everyone can enjoy the derby goodness equally.


And finally, the BLUE ZONE on the diagram is where you will find our vendors. Food and drinks will be available from the NEC kiosk, NRDL merchandise and other goodies can be purchased from stalls. We also have roaming raffle ticket sellers moving throughout the crowd, so make sure you grab some of those too! For questions regarding accessibility of the Exhibition Centre, please visit the NEC website or email Companion Cards are accepted.


We hope to see all of our amazing supporters at the bouts to cheer us on. We appreciate your support and are looking forward to providing you all with an amazing display of athleticism, teamwork and entertainment. See you soon!

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Conditions of Entry

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