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Want to be involved in derby, but not crazy about throwing yourself around on skates? Sounds like a NRDL Volunteer Membership is for you! There is no requirement to skate with this type of Membership. Perfect for people who love the culture of derby and want to be involved in our bouts and social functions.  


As a NRDL Member you are given the opportunity to have an active role within the league. Join the NRDL Committee to be involved in anything from bout production, fundraising and public relations; and help out at bouts as an NSO (Non Skating Official). It takes a village to keep the derby dream alive, and we appreciate everyone that gives their time to the League.

* Volunteers are required to be 16+ years of age. Under 16? Newcastle Junior Roller Derby is an all inclusive club of 7-17 year olds who transition from learn to skate to full contact derby competition.

* Members of other leagues cannot retain a Volunteer Membership.

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