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NRDL at RollerCon 2023

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

RollerCon is a spectacular convention where thousands of skaters converge: dance skaters, derby players, park skaters, officials, productioneers, vendors, announcers, vendors, photographers and fans from all over the world. They all gathering in Las Vegas to share some stories, raise some hell and get their skate on.

This year, our skaters, Marilyn Tantrum and Kali Entay were invited to coach at RollerCon, while GodJilla* Sold Separately led a seminar in League Culture. Our skaters also participated in banked track classes, scrimmages and Tanties skated in the headline game.

With the support of FannieTastic, Judge Shredd, ThunderSlut and ValFreya, the NRDL crew enjoyed their time on and off skates in Sin City.

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