Full Skating Member

This option is to join our Freshmeat program where we will teach you the skills required to play derby. Roller Derby requires both a serious physical and financial commitment. It requires you to commit to improving your skills and pushing yourself to move out of your comfort zone and learn to do amazing things.

What are the requirements of being a full member?

  • You must be 18 or older (special consideration on application)
  • You must be female
  • You must skate on quads
  • You must attend the minimum of 6 sessions per month (requirements may change when progressing through levels)
  • You are responsible for acquiring and maintaining your own gear
    • Skates
    • Helmet
    • Knee pads
    • Elbow pads
    • Wrist guards
    • Mouth guard
  • You must be prepared to fall a lot, take hits without taking it personally and put in 110%
  • Committee involvement

This membership incorporates:

Freshmeat & beginner Referees (lvl1), Tenders (lvl2 & 3) & Bouting skaters

In addition to making practice attendance, everyone is required to work at bouts and other official events. You are required to gain 1 community mark per month. We are a skater run organisation, so we also require you to work on a committee and attend meetings to remain an active member. Additionally, skaters are required to pay monthly dues that help to pay for the League’s operational costs.


$90 Annual Membership fee (Includes Insurance & is non-refundable)

$60 per month

*Members of other leagues cannot retain a Full skating membership

*18+only (under 18’s case by case basis)

Want to know more? Drop us an email: info@newcastlerollerderby.org.au

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